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Diary... countdown to 05.05.05... end of Phase 1 of the New World Order Plan... or the start of a new future?

Now's the time!


We'll try our best to keep you informed but so much happens we don't have time to write about, the best way to stay informed is GET INVOLVED!





Pro War?

Even if you were in favour of the war, there are still good reasons to support this action. For a start, with our soldiers risking their lives, we need a Parliament capable of debating strategy at least...

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The Candidates so far...

Reg Keys, David Shayler, Jonathan Cockburn and now Group Captain Al Lockwood...

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The London to Baghdad buses.. 

Our main campaign vehicles drove to Baghdad with the Human Shields to try and stop the war and protect the civilian infrastructure.

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How the idea came about... 

The failure of the post 9/11 Peace Movement, the largest people's movement Britain (and the world) has ever known, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars followed by the re-election of George Bush shocked us into action

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Rupert Murdoch





Tuesdays are the regular Sedgefield Against War meetings, come and meet the gang and find out what's going on, particularly for local people who want to get involved. The chances of us pulling this off are greatest with maximum local support. Most reliable updates on Sedgefield Against War

Tuesday 5th of April: 7pm in The Golden Lion, Sedgefield. In attendance will be: Reg Keys (Military Families Against War - prospective Parliamentary candidate for Sedgefield) and Helen John (prospective independent Anti-War Parliamentary candidate for Sedgefield) a Blair Ditch rep. and, of course Sedgefield Against War.

Sunday 10th of April: Prospective date for setting up Peace Camp. Joe'll be drivin the bus up from Somerset, anyone wanting to jump on route contact joeletts@BlairDitchProject.com (if u can chip a little towards biodiesel, that'd be great)

Tuesday 12th of April: BIG PUBLIC MEETING. (venue T.B.C) - All anti-war candidates will present their views and open debate will be invited. David Shayler/Reg Keys/Helen John/Cherie Blairout Gilham and Jonathan Cockburn.

Soon after this the show trials will start with speakers and experts from around the world presenting the case against the wars and the post 9/11 strategy. Representatives of the UN will be speaking about this war's effect on the UN and international law generally. Prominent weapons inspectors

(Luci, Quaker and StWC, is the person to ask about the trials and speakers platforms, who's coming, and when, and if you have contacts who can present the case well, luci_stopthewar@yahoo.co.uk)

Door to door street campaigning should probably have started by around this time also so this is when outside help is most useful if you can book time off...

(Zak, Sedgefield Against War, is the contact for street campaigners, he can introduce you to many people and start you off, Zak@BlairDitchProject.com)

Tuesday 19th, 26th of April: deatail to be announced

For Election week, though logistically this is a nightmare, Mudge, (peace-not-war.org) has suggested we take the hip hop crews doing the Peace-Not-War stage at London's Synergy on Fri, 29th of April, up through Birmingham, for the 2000 strong "Beats Not Bombs" in Birmingham, pick up more performers/activists and head up to Sedgefield for Sunday... Mayday, which Zak (S.A.W.) has suggested should actually be a non-political celebration of workers day... seeing as we might have some quite big artists, it might be an idea to book the huge sports hall in Newton Aycliffe for a big gig? (gotta run that by some meetings still)

GIGS contacts...
Mudge: music@peace-not-war.org
Rob: TheRub@peace-not-war.org
Theo: theosmn@yahoo.com
Theo and Rob (me) also organising camp and street campaigns

If we could get the Clown Army up for election week that would be fantastic

And Manchester Ryhthms of Resistance... too much to do and these blinkin websites take so long...

Any other novelty Peace Movement acts? The Palestine Wall gang? The Pink Tank? Tea Not War ladies? There's loads of 'em and some new ones could be created still... for street representation... cos if it looks like we're in with a chance, the media won't help... it'll be about making real contact... OUTREACH

see... i've got this vision, with the London to Baghdad bus in Newton Aycliffe car park, with the Big Green Elvis entertaining the kids (where are you geez? get in touch), maybe with captain banana (anyone got his no.?), and a team of nice bright "Word Of Mouth" campaigners, while the Taxi drives round town, signwritten like the bus, "Do Labour a Favour - Vote Blair Out", with the Clown Army over here and Ryhthms of Resistance over there, and Richard knows a guy with a stunt plane who might fly a "Blair Out" banner trailing... if we could get it all going off at once... imagine it... a slow panning camera taking it all in... it would be like nothing a general election has ever seen before... at least the peace movement would be able to say, we tried... and if the media ignored us we'd be able to say, well that proves it.

Can we pull this thing off? I think so... the candidates are good, the strategy is good, the pro-Labour angle... the anti-Labour incumbent... we've persuaded the candidates to shake hands and stop asking each other to stand down... standing down happens at the last minute to avoid candidate knobbling... the decision to fight the election without backing a particular candidate is our strength... if we can pull it off it will be History, for real... and if the current cooperation between candidates can be maintained it would be good, symbolically, to show how Democracy should be done, working togther, run from the grass roots, Sedgefield Against War, with National cooporation via the Blair Ditch Project and the National Stop the War Coalition... BUT WE NEED HELP... WE CAN'T DO THIS ON OUR OWN... PLEASE UK PEACE MOVEMENT!!... WE ONLY NEED A FEW HANDS... but if everybody does the usual, so many times now we've only needed one or two hands to spark a full blown revolution and everybody just watches from a distance (saying, "I told you it'd never work"), well, we'll give it our best shot... and we'll get rid of him anyway


“The difference between tyranny and democracy is not that bad things don’t happen in a democracy, but that the people who did them can be held to account”
Tony Blair

the best propaganda against the New World Order
comes straight from the mouths of Republicans

Check out the National Review's view...
on the "Democracy" they are forcing upon the World